50 Eyewitnesses to the History of the 20th Century

50 Eyewitnesses to the History of the 20th Century is a thrilling trip through the most important historical events of the last century. The book is divided into four chapters: World War I, World War II, The Cold War and A Globalized World.

Each chapter features actual historical items from that time period: a banknote issued by the last tsar of Russia, a coin minted in France during the Nazi occupation, a banknote used by Japan during its expansion throughout the Pacific, and one of the last banknotes issued by the Soviet Union…

Deluxe Books


A limited and numbered edition, collectible coffee table book (11.80” x 15.75”), containing actual historical items: 10 coins, 10 banknotes, 28 stamps and 2 historical documents.


Each limited and numbered edition is handcrafted, made using only the finest finishes.  The highest quality materials have been carefully selected to create a unique and exclusive piece, whose value can increase with the passing of time.

Hardbound, padded anti-scratch matte softcover and gilt edge.  It is housed within a case lined in black stain-resistant fabric and stamped gold lettering.


All of the items featured in this collectible, limited and numbered edition are authentic pieces.  Each item was issued by the official agencies in power at the time and come with a Certificate of Authenticity issued by the Educational Coin Company (USA).  The Educational Coin Company is a member of the American Numismatic Association, and for over fifty years has stood for quality, value, reliability and accuracy for serious collectors and devotees of numismatics.

DeluxeBooks reserves the right to substitute items due to lack of inventory.

Do not miss this opportunity to get your copy of this unique and limited  book album. Order your copy of 50 Eyewitnesses to the History of the 20th Century.

Pieces of history

All of the items included in this book have been witnesses to the greatest events in history: wars, invasions, battles, coronations…a heritage of history whose value will increase with the passing of time.


Coins: 10 coins
Banknotes: 10 banknotes
Stamps: 28 stamps
Documents: 2 historical documents





Premium Edition

This is a Premium edition featuring the coffee-table book 50 Eyewitnesses to the History of the 20th Century and including four authentic historical silver coins housed in a luxurious wooden coin box with an inner padded cushion foam-top lined in black silk.
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South Africa, 1960

5 Shillings

Commemorative silver coin minted to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the founding of the Union of South Africa. The reverse side of the coin was minted with a cracked die.

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Philippines, 1944

50 Cents

Commemorative silver coin minted when the country formed an alliance with the United States.  The obverse features an official shield and the reverse a female figure holding a hammer.

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Peru, 1923

1 Sol

A large size coin minted in silver. The obverse side of the coin features the Coat of Arms of the Republic of Peru and the reverse a lady sitting on a pedestal symbolizing Liberty.

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100 Koruna

Commemorative silver coin minted to celebrate the 70th  anniversary of Stalin’s birth (1879-1953). There are very few coins that show the face of the Soviet communist leader.

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