Deluxebooks Editions

DeluxeBooks Editions is a publishing imprint specialized in the creation of limited-edition, numbered Collectible Books. Our work features authentic numismatic pieces and other historical items that form part of the Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


One book at a time, our expert artisans carry out the meticulous work of creating our collectible editions.

Crafted with the finest finishes, such as gilt edging, matte anti-scratch plastic and an exhaustive selection of only the highest-quality materials elevate this limited edition into a rare and unique piece of incalculable value.


Each limited edition collectible book is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. Deluxebooks Editions, member of the Asociación Numismática Española (ANE), and Educational Coin Company (USA), member of American Numismatic Association (ANA) guarantees that all of the items included in this album-book are authentic and were minted or issued by the official agencies in each country during that time period.


The Deluxebooks Editions catalogue is comprised of valuable works in large format. 50 Eyewitnesses to the History of the 20th Century and 50 Eyewitnesses to the History of the 20th Century Premium Edition contain historical numismatic and philatelic objects of great cultural value.

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